rockhouse restaurant

The Rockhouse Restaurant has been celebrated as Negril's finest dining spot and is usually buzzing with a mix of locals and guests alike. Its New Jamaican cuisine is a lighter, modern interpretation of classic Jamaican cooking designed to enhance your island experience, yet remain accessible to those not familiar with Caribbean food.

On the Rockhouse Menu the best dishes are constructed from a fusion of tanginess, hot pepper, rich sauces, the flavorful spice of curries, and the cool sweetness of tropical fruits. Signature dishes include Lobster Blaze, Crab Turnover and Blackened Mahi Mahi served with mango chutney. Aspiring to give even long-term guests a rich epicurean experience, the substantial menu is supplemented by a rotating specials board. Meals are complemented by a solid international Wine List, island inspired cocktails and Jamaica's famous Blue Mountain coffee.

The space is designed to live in harmony with its natural environment. The thatched-roof, airy bar tiers down to an outdoor balcony suspended directly over Pristine Cove where the service is attentive and respectful. With reggae playing in the background while the ocean laps against the rocks below, it's an unpretentious, relaxed environment sure to lull you into a tropical mood.

At the restaurant the vibe is laid back; you'll find that bare feet are more common than dress shoes. As the restaurant's menu cover most appropriately warns &ndash "Visiting Rockhouse for lunch can lead to staying for the sunset, ordering a cocktail, booking for dinner, checking in for a week, and coming back every year for the rest of your life ... Don't say we didn't warn you!"

The Rockhouse restaurant is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Room service is also available during these hours.

Gourmet Traveller, "Caribbean Dream"

"The menu is in keeping with the general ethos of Rockhouse. It's distinctly Jamaican, yet global enough to keep worldly (read finicky) international guests happy. The emphasis is on fresh, simple flavors that reflect the country's heritage and natural resources."

Travel + Leisure, "Best of Jamaica"

"Negril is a town with a partying spirit, and at the Rockhouse the social center is the hotel's restaurant, an indoor-outdoor terrace cantilevered over the water. The menu brings local food up to date in smart, refreshing ways. And finally on each table was a bottle of the condiment Pickapeppa, an aged puree of tamarinds and Scotch bonnets that to our minds is Jamaica's best, and most overlooked, export."

Ocean Style Magazine, "On Location"

"The Rockhouse isn't quite a 'wonder of the world' (yet....) but I am going to find a way to consume many Rockhouse Burgers this year....for weeks I have been consumed with the thought of biting into that succulent, juicy, cooked to perfection burger topped with just the right amount of cheese and bacon and wedged in the light and fluffy Coco Bread fromt this idyllic spot in Negril..."

West End Road, Negril, Jamaica


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