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Rockhouse is a magical place, combining natural beauty, strong architectural design, local materials and craftsmanship, excellent service, and a relaxed, fun, authentic Jamaican experience. The hotel has an interesting history; when its first room was built in 1972, it was one of the first hotels on Negril's cliffs. Early guests included Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. In 1994, the property was purchased by a group of Australians who continue to reinvest in its evolution and expansion.

The objective of the hotel, as embodied in its values below, is to create a balance between all the parties interested in its success: the guests, the staff, the environment, the community.

Rockhouse Credo

We believe our first responsibility is to our guests. Vacation time is precious to them, and we must do our best to ensure that their time at the Rockhouse is a special experience. In meeting their needs everything we do should be of the highest quality. Rockhouse is a boutique hotel, offering a unique experience at moderate prices. Our guests should leave the Rockhouse glowing from their relaxed, authentic, Jamaican experience in a fun, natural environment.

We are responsible to the Rockhouse Team, respecting their dignity and recognizing their merit. Rockhouse is an industry leader in fairly compensating its employees and shares the hotel's success with the team. Everyone, while working together as a team, is considered as an individual. All the employees should freely make suggestions, complaints and openly communicate. Wherever possible the hotel employs Jamaicans, provides competent management and training, and encourages advancement from within.

We are responsible to the Negril and Jamaican community. We are good citizens - supporting good works and bearing our fair share of taxes. We take an active, positive role in organizations devoted to the development of tourism, the environment and the local community. Through the work of the Rockhouse Foundation, the charitable arm of the hotel, over US$1 million has been invested in local Negril schools. At Negril All Age School and the Negril Kindergarten, major building and support projects were recently completed, improving the education experience for over six hundred young Jamaicans.

We are responsible for protecting and enhancing the environment. We strive to achieve sound environmental practices across our entire operation and comply fully with all environmental laws and regulations. We minimize our use of natural resources, air emissions, and hazardous materials, and monitor and record our environmental performance relative to our policies, objectives and guidelines. We maintain a continuous commitment to improved environmental practices.

Our final responsibility is to our owners and lenders who have invested the funds that have made the Rockhouse possible. Business should make a fair return, but the objective of Rockhouse is about creating a sustainable balance between all the interested parties, and reinvesting in the guests' experience, the staff, the environment and the community.

The Rockhouse Foundation has received so much support from our guests and friends through donations in kind. For a list of items you may donate to support the children of Negril please visit the Rockhouse Foundation site and scroll down to find the list.

West End Road, Negril, Jamaica


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